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Dates and Deadlines

All three items below, in Starlink Extra this month are linked to specific dates and deadlines, as are four of the websites found under Other Opportunities.

Worried woman looking at clock

Did you know that a deadline was once (in the 1800s) a boundary line in a prison that prisoners could cross only at the risk of being shot?

Or that (in the US in the 1900s) it once also meant an urban district of saloons and brothels?

To meet, miss or overshoot a deadline these days does seem incredibly pale by comparison! :-)

So ... to accompany the date-specific events in this month's issue, we've included some resources on coping with deadlines. Though a couple are written with tongue firmly in cheek!

Finally, in addition to GirlZone from last month's Starlink, there are six more websites for or about girls.

We hope you'll find something of interest among them all!

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Your Eyes Only
starextra090704 (31K)
Your Eyes Only is a grant opportunity for young people 12 -15 years to celebrate their community by submitting a creative entry showing their community through their eyes.

Ten successful applicants will nominate a community group working with young people in their community, for example a school, youth group or sporting group, to receive a donation of up to $3,000.

This donation would then be used by the community group to further its work by either purchasing much needed equipment or adding funds to an existing program.

Entries close 17 September. Application forms and more information is available by calling 03 9670 5436.


Centre for Adolescent Health

Two exciting events in October from the Centre for Adolescent Health! Girl With Laptop

Firstly, an Information Evening on Thursday 4th October at the Royal Children's Hospital in Parkville Vic for anyone interested in the 2008 courses for the new Master of Adolescent Health & Welfare or the Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Adolescent Health & Welfare.
More information ...

Secondly, another of our successful forums is coming up on Thursday October 11th, also at the RCH. This time the theme is young people and technology. The forum is called Warming Up Cyberia and more information on speakers and how to register will be available shortly.

If you would like any information please email Merran Guest or call me on 03 9345 6671

HumourAdventure® at the Zoo
Thinking of joining us for our HumourAdventure® at the Zoo workshop on Friday 26 October? The Early Bird registration deadline is 21 September, which is less than three weeks away!

Visit our website for more information.

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Other Opportunities

Get Reel Competition Close: 28 September

Small Grants for Small Rural Communities
Close: 30 September

Rural Women's Award Close: 15 October

Law & Justice Foundation Grants
Close: 31 October

Easy Grants
Newsletter and database for notification of grants. Subscription $45 per year.

Coping with Deadlines

Tips for Meeting Deadlines Easily

Coping with Deadlines

Meeting Deadlines for Essays
Websites for Girls



Dads and Daughters


New Moon Girls Magazine

Girls Can't WHAT?

The Last Word
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
(Douglas Adams)
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