News, Reviews & Resources   November, 2008
A Birthday Issue ...


We hope you'll find something you like in the smorgasbord we've gathered for you this month.

You'll find two birthday celebrations, several very diverse website resources (including four specifically on social capital) and a "Fun with Words" collection.

May you find a tasty bite or two among them!

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Starlink's 13th Birthday!
Birthday Cake and Present
Starlink was first published thirteen years ago this month! To celebrate, we're sending a special Starlink birthday present - one of our charts - to three of our Starlink readers.

If you'd like to be in the birthday list, visit our online shop and check out the four charts we currently have available. Then send us an email before 28 November to let us know:
  1. Which chart you would like as your gift
  2. Why you subscribe to Starlink, in 25 words or less

The names of everyone from whom we receive an email will go into a hat - we'll choose an especially sparkly birthday hat for the occasion! :) Then we'll draw out the names of our three birthday winnners and your gift will be in the mail the very next day.

And Another Birthday ...
Gallery Sunshine Exhibit

From Maureen Ryan, Director of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere:

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere is one year old and you are invited to join our celebration on Monday 1 December, 6pm at Granary Cafe, 2 Devonshire Road Sunshine. (Download invitation)

We will take down the current exhibition of work from Albion, Glen Orden,Sunshine North and Sydenham/Hillside Primary Schools this week. and we'll l put up twenty posters drawn from the year's exhibitions.

The young artists' work is also available for purchase on greeting cards or A3-sized posters. 80% of all funds raised go to the schools represented.

December is a busy month with two other exhibitions as well. On Saturday 6 at 1.30pm we will open the SAIL (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning ) Project exhibition. The work exhibited has been developed over a four Saturday program at the SAIL Braybrook Campus, led by artists, Flossie Peitsch, Mira Vuk-Nikic and Lee Agius (Download invitation).

Then on December 15 we'll open the STORY exhibition of primary school students' work.

Hope to see you at the birthday celebration.

Maureen Ryan
Director, Gallery Sunshine Everywhere
P.0. Box 5203 Burnley, 3121, Victoria.
Telephone: 0412218974

Fun with Words
Wordplay Movie Poster

So you're not particularly passionate about words or language? You can't understand the weird compulsion of crossword puzzlers? The thought of using a dictionary doesn't thrill you to the core? Ok, perhaps not. :-)

But prepare to have fun, laugh, be surprised, and perhaps even be moved by some of the following resources!

Spellbound (2002) is a wonderful and prize-winning documentary film, following the progress of 14 year old competitors in the annual American Spelling Bee competition. A great insight into the kids and their families - both amusing and moving.

Wordplay (2006) is another documentary, introducing New York Times Editor and "NPR Puzzle Master", Will Short, and many of his brilliant and sometimes hilarious contributors. You'll also see the nail-biting tension and camaraderie of the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Fun With Words is a website with over 500 pages of word puzzles, games, amazing lists, and fun facts.


Here's an amusing list of names that match people's professions - and these are all real people!

Melissa Kaplan's Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights lists animals with their collective nouns, sounds they make, and names for genders and offspring. It includes such gems as a congregation of alligators (listening avidly to sermons no doubt), a quiver of cobras (about to strike?) and, would you believe, a clutter of spiders! Hmm .. yes, it must be time to vaccuum behind the couch! :-)

Finally, listen to the TED Talk from lexicographer Erin McKean, who 'redefines the dictionary', then visit her Dictonary Evangelist blog. We loved the list of words we found there, created at the Pop!Tech conference. Especially "attachmeant: the file you have to resend because you forgot to attach it the first time". Now that's a word we can definitely use! :-)


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