Squeaking in to March

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After too long an absence, we are only just squeaking in to March with this issue of Starlink Extra!

Other than the fact we've been racing around in circles like the wee mouse here, we have no excuse.

But we do apologise for such a late entry into 2011! And we hope you've missed us. :)

We also hope you'll find something to spark your interest or your amusement in this issue.

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Resources for Teachers

Header Teacher with apple in hand

Here is a handful of websites that may interest Starlink readers involved in teaching - at many levels

Teach ICT.com is a site packed with teaching tips, tools and resources for teachers of Information and Communication Technologies.

A Teacher's Guide to Twitter, with thanks to Maggie Vorster for the link.

The Instructional Power of Digital Games and Social Networking Simulations and How Teachers Can Leverage Them. Whew, that's a looooong title! :) The URL for the downloadable pdf file is much shorter - but the paper itself makes for interesting reading.

KnowItAll.org is a US-based educational Web portal, a collection of fun, interactive websites for K-12 students, teachers and parents.

A Mathematical Life ...

Header NewMath Example

An amusing resource for mathematicians and wordsmiths alike - life explained through mathematical formulae. :) New Math was originally created by Craig Damrauer in 2002, and has since developed into a series of talks and other media, as well as this website.

We'd love to hear from you if you have a formula of your own to add!

Inspiration from Surprising Sources!

Header What do People Live For

We hope some of our Starlink readers will love this YouTube video as much as we did. What People Live For is based on the true story of a group of elderly Taiwanese men who opted to embrace life and live a dream. It's actually a TV commercial!

And while we're on the subject of commercials, don't miss these if you've not already seen them. They were created by the British company T-Mobile and are also real winners!

And another amazing thing is that no musical instruments were used in that last video - it's all done using voice alone!

Who would have thought TV commercials could be so inspiring? ;) It just goes to show inspiration in life can indeed come from unexpected sources.

Management Library

Header Shelf of Library Books

Carter McNamara started this online library of resources 15 years ago. And at least five years ago it was first highlighted in Starlink as a resource for nonprofit organisations. :)

Since then, it has continued to grow exponentially and now includes resources for both non-profits and for-profits. The word "NonProfit" has therefore been removed from the site's title.

The size of the resource collection, the usefulness of the information and its ease of access continue to make this one of the best and most frequently visited management resource sites on the web!

So it's well worth mentioning again to our Starlink readers - and the site is definitely worth bookmarking!

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