A New Look!

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We're launching a 'fresh look' for Starlink and Starlink Extra this month. We've given the whole newsletter a good clean-up and come up with what we think is a better template.

Yes, it is similar in layout - but we have 'tidied' the htm code so that font colours are web-safe and some other unnecessary code has been removed. We've added an easier-to-find unsubscribe link at the top.

And we think the headings and articles are a bit easier to read - they can 'breathe' better with more white space around them. :)

We hope you like it. We also hope this month's resources will prove just as useful as ever for you! :)

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International


Header Man on computer

Have you ever needed help - or been helping someone - with computer 'stuff' over the phone?

Techie conversations on the phone can be challenging, because the helper can't see what is on the screen in front of the other person.

We've discovered CrossLoop, a very useful tool for this purpose! Use the "Read More" link below for a more complete explanation of CrossLoop and how it works.

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Ups and Downs

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One of our favourite resources is the Ups and Downs card set from St Luke's Innovative Resources

It is a wonderful tool for generating deep conversation about the ups and downs of life.

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Header Teacher in Classroom

Behaviour4Learning is a UK-based website for teachers, focusing on positive approaches for behaviour management in the classrom.

You'll find a huge range of material here providing "access to the research & evidence base informing teacher education. All materials are quality assured through a rigorous process of academic scrutiny and monitoring undertaken by a team of expert teacher educators."

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