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Winter is definitely upon us here, in wet and windy Melbourne. :)

If you are down south as well, we hope winter's ills and dreaded lurgies have left you untouched.

May you find some useful ideas among this month's collection of links and resources.

We've also included some inspiring or amusing items to make you smile. Enjoy! :)

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Co-operative Research Centre for Young People, Technology and Wellbeing

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In December last year, the Australian Federal Government announced a $27M grant to establish a Co-operative Research Centre for Young People, Technology and Wellbeing, led by the Inspire Foundation.

This is one of the government's several Cooperative Research Centres that have been established.

A recently published (April 2011) report from the CRC for Young People Technology and Wellbeing found that:

  • young people are much better equipped to deal with online risks than adults assume
  • young people themselves are the most valuable resource for adults concerned about the online safety of their children

The research also reveals significant benefits to young people through social networking, which helps them to build relationships with the world around them and increases their sense of community and belonging

Read more and download the report.

To keep up to date with research findings, you can also follow YAW-CRC on Twitter, find them them on Facebook, or add their channel on YouTube to your favourites.

Social Networking for NonProfits

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There are many ways in which nonprofit organisations can use social networking options and tools to enhance their communication with staff, services users and donors.

Of course, not every nonprofit is climbing on board the "web-wagon". You may be interested to read Seth Godin's fairly provocative post about this, called The Problem with Non.

But community organisations all over the world are increasingly utilising social media to add value to their programs and services.

So this month we've gathered several resources and websites with suggestions, resources and web tools to assist you in doing just that.

We hope you'll find some inspiring ideas among them!

Web 2.0 for Schools

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There are many excellent "no cost" resources now available for teachers who want to incporporate the web into their classroom practice.

Many teachers already use a range of educational games online. But there are many other options as well, including desktop sharing, social media, podcasting and other activities.

We've collected a handful of these resources for you this month - see the links to the right.

To Brighten Your Day ...

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Do you think your mobile phone is the latest in technology? Well, think again! We'll bet it isn't as amazing as the Turbo 3000 Multitask! :)

You might also this summary of Star Wars, seen through the eyes of a three-year-old child.

Visit Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things blog for a celebration of life's small joys. We guarantee you'll recognise some of those small 'awesome' joys in your own life.

And finally, if you have three and a half minutes to spare, don't miss Jok Church's talk about "circles of caring and epiphanies". It's both moving and inspiring! But be prepared for a lump in the throat or even a tear or two ...

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