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Another mixed bag of goodies this month - we hope you enjoy sampling them and find something to your taste! :)

Sue & Chris
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Starlink Format Poll
Poll Question

Thank you to those Starlink readers who have taken time to complete our poll about the distribution format for Starlink.

However we've had only a few responses so far, and would prefer a larger sample of votes on which to base our decision.

So if you've not already done so, could you please go to the poll page of our website, read the note and then tick the box. You can also leave a comment if you like.

It will take you only a moment, and we'd really appreciate your input!

What's Food Got to do With It?
starextra070801 (42K)

The Centre for Adolescent Health is holding a forum on 28th July from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon: What's Food Got to do With It? Insights into Young People with Eating Disorders.

The forum will be held on site at RCH, Melbourne, via a local video conference facility or a weblink to your own computer.

To register or for videoconferencing enquiries or on site registrations, please contact GTH Events on 03 9927 7777.

Important: All registrations are mandatory and must be made PRIOR to the day of the event. Please note: Payment must be made at time of registration (VISA or Mastercard). Cheques and money orders not accepted

For content inquiries only, call Louise Scaffidi 03 9345 6683 or email her. For more info, check out the web site

(Thank you to Merran Guest, from the Centre of Adolescent Health, for this information)

Olympic Fever
World globe made of flags

With the 2008 Olympics only days away, we decided to include a few resource links for our readers. You'll find them under "Olympic Fever" on the right.

Whether you're looking for resources for the classroom or simply for your own interest, we hope you'll find something useful among them.

A Little Inspiration

We have three inspirational videos for you this month.

yellow balloon in the sunshine The Secrets of Adulthood lists a few things learned in life - and at the end of the movie, you may also like to check out Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project.

Dreams are Whispers from the Soul is full of beautiful images and inspiring quotations, encouraging us to pursue both purpose and passion in life.

Lastly, the Grumpy Movie, which is a fun (but also thought provoking!) look at how working too hard can affect our moods through the eyes of children.

Just for Fun!

Here's some eggy humour to brighten your day ...

fried egg with cut-out smile

Firstly, for the child in all of us, a collection of wacky (and possibly groan-worthy!) egg jokes.

Second, a mini-movie - the Creme Egg Mouse Trap ... Here today and goo tomorrow! :)

And finally, check out the Creme That Egg video. An amusing example of incredible ingenuity? Or someone with far too much time on his hands? ;)

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August, 2008
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Nonprofit Resources

.AUDA Foundation Grants Program Closing 31 July

Caring for Aging in Rural Australia Grants Closing 12 August

Crimcheck - Fast Online Police Checks for Victoria

St. James Ethics Centre

Building Resilience in Rural Communities Toolkit

Evaluation Step By Step Guide

Australian Business Arts Foundation

Children and Youth

Wikipedia Youth Health Thanks to Fiona Robards, Coordinator NSW CAAH

Children's Sense of Safety 2008 - ACF report

Bending the Mould: An Action Kit for Transgender Youth

Freechild - Social Action Led By Young People

Olympic Fever

Beijing 2008 - Official Website

Australian Olympic Team Official Site

Fanbay.net Olympic Coverage

2008 Olympic Event Schedule

Olympic Games Resources Guide

Wikipedia Beijing Olympics

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