News, Reviews & Resources   February, 2008
Welcome to 2008!

Bag with Light Bulb Inside

Welcome to the first grab bag of Starlink Extra goodies for 2008.

Some are practical, some more philosophical - and some may help you access additional funding to boost your budget. Whatever your focus, we hope you'll find at least one bright idea or something to brighten your day. :)

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Small House Records
Small House Records Logo
Bombarded with all the hype and glitz of the commercial music industry, you may be surprised to know there is such a thing as a nonprofit record company!

Well Small House Records is exactly that! Based in Melbourne, Australia, they support and sign musicians whose music has, as they describe it, "integrity, beauty and heart":

We seek out artists whose music reflect these qualities. We work closely with them to support and nurture their creative development. We believe in them. We believe in their music and that other people's lives will be better by hearing it. This music we present to others, so that their lives will be enriched, their imaginations fed, and their hearts made glad.

To learn more, visit their website, read this article from Pro Bono or watch several videos about them on You Tube. You should find it inspiring - and you may even know an aspiring musician who could use their help or become their next signed artist! :)

Spirit Boosters
Woman with world on her shoulders

There are times for all of us when work seems difficult, the world seems grim, or life becomes a bit of a grind.

We all have our favourite coping strategies when this happens - some of which are healthier for us than others. ;)

Sometimes we simply need a bit of a spirit booster - perhaps a little inspiration, a reminder that it IS possible to make a difference in this world, or some playtime fun to help us smile again.

Here are a few 'boosters' we've found and would like to share with you:

A moving story about The Simple Truths of Appreciation. Who will you thank today?

Woman on beach with arms raised

Some surprising food for thought and simple truths in another online movie, The Seven Wonders of the World.

Or this story from Gimundo about Lifestraw - a simple $3 plastic invention that could save millions of lives!

And finally, for a little playtime fun ...You could try this froggy IQ test (262k Excel file) ... though it may drive you crazy. ;)

Or join the Junkyard Sports Community (there's no charge) and find a huge collection of games that can be played anytime, anywhere - some of them in the staffroom!

Significance of Story

Significance of Story: Gifts, New Techniques and Inspiring Examples, the February 2008 issue of the AI Practitioner (AIP), is out now!

Download the introduction from the AIP website (at no charge) to learn more about it. If you wish, you may purchase this issue or an annual subscription to AIP.

And Starlink readers may also download a copy of Sue's article from this February issue of AIP: The Gifts of Story. (584kb PDF)

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Perpetual's Annual Funding Round
28 February 2008

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3 March 2008

FYA The Spark Fund
26 March 2008

Small Grants for Small Rural Communities
28 March 2008

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31 March

FYA Indigenous Small Grants 12 May 2008

The Last Word
To do good things is noble. To advise others to do good things is even nobler - and a lot easier. (Mark Twain)
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