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We hope there will be at least one or two prize jewels for you in this month's collection.

Apart from the resources included here, you'll find more riches in the pdf file when you download it. :)

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Web-Based Survey Tools


If you've ever needed to survey your organisation, your community or your class, you may have considered (and possibly used) one of the many online survey tools available.

Computer Keyboard with Question Mark

As a result of the Appreciative Inquiry Forum on 6 October, we've also been looking for a no-cost online survey option that will suit the needs of the Australian AI community.

We thought what we learned might also be useful for Starlink readers.

Websites for the tools/services we discovered are listed on the right. You can also download this Excel file in which we've compared features offered with the no-cost option for each of them.

We've chosen to go with Lime Survey, as it has no limitations and the widest range of features. However it's also the only one that's not hosted on the provider's website - you have to install it on your own site.

Where the Hell is Matt?

Header Matt Harding

A few years ago, back in 2003, a young American called Matt Harding decided to quit his job in Brisbane and use the money he'd saved to travel around Asia until the money ran out.

At one point, in Hanoi, his friend who was travelling with him said "Hey, why don't you stand over there and do that dance. I'll record it." Matt did as his friend asked and they began filming Matt "dancing badly" everywhere they went.

Matt put the resulting video up on his website in 2005 - and a phenomenon was born.

Thanks to a sponsor, he has made two more videos since then (also viewable on his website) and a fourth is underway at the time of writing this. His videos have been seen by millions of people around the world.

If you've not seen them, or this interview or this presentation of Matt's, they're worth watching. We're ready to bet you can't watch them without smiling! :)

Matt Harding

As Matt says, in a more serious moment during this very tongue-in-cheek presentation, he's received emails by the thousands from people who "were expressing profound joy of feeling connected to the whole world from the simple act of watching uncoordinated, unselfconscious silliness shared by everyone."

"It [doesn't] really solve anything; it [doesn't] really change anything. Our problems are still our problems. But as cliché and as saccharine as it sounds, maybe there's some value in being reminded of the really basic stuff that we all have in common."

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