News, Reviews & Resources   February, 2010
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cup cakes

The downloadable pdf file this month has lots of yummy goodies. You can find out about:

  • Positive Change Core (PCC), dedicated to strength-focused work with children and youth
  • The world's first Social Responsibility Standard (ISO 2600), due to be released in March
  • Several 'good news stories' from Gimundo
  • Mathematics ... in the movies! :)
  • 'Changemakers' from around the world
  • Communities and Networks Connection, an aggregate of blog posts and articles about (you guessed it) communities and networks. :)

And you'll read Chris's story about an inspiring Assistant Principal with whom we had the joy of spending some time.

We hope these stories and the links in this html file will be both interesting and enjoyable for you.

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

What's New
squirrel on a rock

We've been squirrelling away at improvements to our website and blogs. Much of the work has been 'under the hood', but there are two visible improvements we'd like to share with our Starlink readers.

First of all, we now have the "Our Blog" section, which will be regularly updated with news, resources and other snippets of interest.

Not many resources yet, but it will continue to grow! Check it out now for two great resources from St Luke's Innovative Resources.

Please consider subscribing by RSS or email, so you receive updates whenever we add new resources.

Secondly, we've improved the search function so archived issues of Starlink will also be searchable! You can read more about that in the Starlink downloadable file this month.

Blog Spot
chris with his Tai Chi sabre

Our blogging journey has also turned another corner recently. :)

Our personal blogs (Sue James and Chris Chats) continue to keep us busy, but Chris has also started a second blog that focuses on his passion for Tai Chi. Do drop by Chris Chi if you are interested to learn more - it's for beginners and 'the simply curious' as well as containing resources for more experienced Tai Chi folk.

We also made the decision to close down our BJ Biz Buzz blog. Instead we now have the "Whats' New" section of our site (also a blog format) explained above, which ties more closely into our core business.

Sue's recent posts include Stopped and Dropped, Thankless Thinking and Hit and Myth - and she's been waxing a little poetic too.

Chris has posted Have Mercy, Manual Labour and Me and Cat Happy. And his latest post should make you smile - have you ever thought you could teach a toddler Shakespeare?

We hope you'll visit, read, enjoy - and perhaps leave us a comment or two. :)

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