News, Reviews & Resources   August, 2008
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We hope all our readers will find at least one or two threads of interest woven in our tapestry of resources this month.

For example, among other items in the downloadable PDF file you'll find:

  • Inspiring talks and presentations from the TED website
  • An interactive map of the trends affecting education
  • FRANK - a "wired awake" magazine for young women
  • Twelve design principles for effective learning environments for all ages
  • Very low cost computer systems for nonprofits, schools and disadvantaged families
  • Chris's reflections on 'going A.W.O.L.'

Some are useful, some are thought-provoking and others are just for fun. Enjoy! :-)

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

We Didn't Start the Fire!

If you've not already seen this it, sit back and enjoy this flash presentation - it's a review of 50 years of history in less than 3 minutes!

The show is courtesy of Billy Joel and a young man from the University of Chicago who created the slideshow.

His online creation is now approaching 10 million hits worldwide. How's that for viral marketing! :-)

Inspiring, Interesting ... and Quirky!
floating doctors

Firstly, for an inspirational story, take a look at the Floating Doctors website.

A a crew of eight men and women are making a two-year voyage to 51 countries around the world, circling the globe and providing medical services free of charge on stops along the way, either in a mobile tented clinic they will set up ashore, or in charitable facilities which they'll visit.

As well as treating patients, they'll be recording important research data about the progress made in global health. Their journey, their data and their experiences are being recorded on the above website.


Secondly some food for thought in an article on The Creative Personality by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, where he discusses ten paradoxical traits creative people share. (And if you've ever wondered how his name is pronounced, a colleague once gave us this tip - it's apparently very close to "chicks-send-me-high"!)

Finally, if you're in the mood for 'quirky', read this story about Nils, a penguin who received a knighthood! You can also watch a video of Nils inspecting the troops. :-)

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To do good things is noble. To advise others to do good things is even nobler - and a lot easier. (Mark Twain)
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