News, Reviews & Resources   February, 2007
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Welcome to the first issue of Starlink for 2007.

Among other resources, this month's pdf file includes items about:
- National Youth Affairs Conference (May 2007), Are We There Yet?
- The Cost of Volunteering
- Funding and Awards
- Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)

We hope this year has started well for you, and look forward to staying in touch!

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Oz Projects
Girl in front of Computer
The Oz Projects website, for teachers and students, assists you to find suitable online curriculum projects and provides access to a host of resources to support your involvement.

OzProjects is a sibling site of edna and is managed by education.au

Find a Babysitter
Two Children
The Find a Babysitter website is an Australia-wide online directory to help connect parents with suitable nannies or babysitters.

Started in July 2005 by Delia and Jeff Timms, a Melbourne based couple, the site also has a range of information to help both parents and babysitters.

An easy-to-use but comprehensive search function allows parents to find carers available in their postcode area.

Registration is free for carers. Fees for parents start at $50.00 for three months.

Just for Fun!
Magnetic Letters
Fun with Letters is an amusing online version of those colourful magnetic letters we play with on the front of the fridge.

Move letters about on screen to create words or sentences … and live with the frustration of another online user pinching one of your letters as you go!

A bit of fun for a few spare moments - though not during working hours of course! :-)

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