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From Poetry to Penguins ...

Another mixed collection of resources for you this month - from poetry to penguins! :-) Penguin

Poetry sites are certainly plentiful on the web! We've selected a few we like for this issue of Starlink.

Many, though not all, are Australian. Some are general collections, others are useful sites for teachers and some are just for fun, like 'Giggle Poetry'. They remind us to have fun and be kids again ourselves. :-)

'Club Penguin' is an online social networking site for 8-12 year olds! How many of you, like ourselves, didn't know that online networking was starting at such a young age? :-) More information and a link to the website are in the downloadable PDF file.

You'll also find a range of other resources in this issue. We hope you'll find a few items of interest!

Sue & Chris
(BJ Seminars International)

Effective Meetings
Many Starlink readers may be familiar with the old saying that a meeting is "something that keeps minutes and wastes hours". Poorly run or unproductive meetings can be incredibly frustrating for everyone involved.

The Effective Meetings website has lots of good tips, tools and techniques to help make meetings successful:

Whether you're a newcomer to meetings or a seasoned pro, the Effective Meetings resource center offers hands-on meeting advice for every possible situation. Plus, our sage advisor, the Meeting Guru, will help solve your meeting dilemmas.

Though much of the information is targeted or written for a corporate audience, the resources are certainly useful for any and every organisation!

Worth visiting and bookmarking!

Management Library for Nonprofits

The Fr** Management Library for Nonprofits has been promoted in previous issues of Starlink, so some readers may be familiar with it. Girl Reading Book

The website has undergone a major update in 2006, providing users with much easier navigation as well as a search facility.

This is not only one of the largest resources of its kind on the web (with over 600 topics), but also one of the best we've found.

An invaluable resource for all nonprofit organisations! Browse the site, and add it to your bookmarks - you'll be sure to find useful information, and want to return to the site for more. :-)

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